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It’s 3 a.m., and you’re warm and cozy under your comforter, lost in a dream world, and blissfully unaware of the drool pooling on your pillow. Suddenly, you jolt awake, your heart racing. Your phone is ringing at top volume. Your partner opens one eye to glare at you before turnin... (more)
Introducing the Finalists for the Inaugural 2017 Inclusion for Impact Awards from PagerDuty, Crunchbase, and SaaStr The 2017 Inclusion for Impact Awards finalists have been selected amid a flurry of nominations coming in the final days. Out of the nearly 100 entries submitted for... (more)
With the rise in FinTech startups, increasingly stringent regulations, and changing customer behaviors and expectations, financial institutions need to adapt quickly in order to stay relevant and competitive in today’s market. We recently met with executives from over 15 global b... (more)
2017 was a year of many major outages—some took down the Internet for hours while others disrupted business workflows and communication at companies large and small. Any way you slice it, these outages likely resulted in a lot of time devoted to postmortems. I want to reflect a ... (more)
In a recent interview, PagerDuty Co-founder Alex Solomon shared the story of how he and his fellow co-founders Andrew Miklas and Baskar Puvanathasan came up with the idea of starting a new company—and how they chose a name. The short version: When he was an engineer at Amazon, Ale... (more)
Is VoiceOps Ready for the Next Step? Imagine this: PagerDuty calls and a calm voice tells you that you have problems to pay attention to. Your internal response is perhaps not as calm and sounds something like this: “Aahh! I have to fix this!” “How should I fix this?” “Is this som... (more)
Announcing the First Inclusion for Impact Awards From PagerDuty, Crunchbase, and SaaStr In 2017, we saw an unprecedented movement within the technology industry to acknowledge and address the diversity and inclusion issues that have too long been the norm. In an effort to celebra... (more)
Do you like sailing? Personally, I’m not a fan—not without 10 Dramamine tablets ready to go in my bag, anyway. But whether you’re a fan of sailing or not, you may find the Sailboat Retrospective, a simple but effective Agile retrospective, extremely useful. This retrospective te... (more)
Since joining PagerDuty as an Agile Coach, I’ve come to appreciate the engineering culture that has been fostered here. To share what has worked for us (and how we plan to nurture it as we continue to grow), here are three ways to create an awesome engineering culture. 1. Empowe... (more)
Virtual Summit is heading to the UK! Just like its sister event in the U.S., Virtual Summit UK has a packed lineup of practitioners and thought leaders to help equip you with the skills and insight you need to build your business of tomorrow. With two brilliant tracks, we have c... (more)
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