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Zayna Shahzad is a Software Engineer at PagerDuty on the Mobile Team. She works on the Android and iOS PagerDuty apps offered through the App Store and Play Store. In this post, she shares her experience shadowing our Customer Support team. Finder her on Github and Twitter. Shad... (more)
Here at PagerDuty, our engineering teams are committed to Agile development principles that favor rapid iteration over lengthy periods of design, and favor direct communication between team members over reams of written specifications. There are countless articles that dictate ho... (more)
In a recent blog post, Managing a Tier Zero Service Doesn’t Have to Be Scary, PagerDuty’s SVP of Product Development Tim Armandpour discussed several important best practices that minimize chaos during incident resolution. According to Tim, in today’s always-on world, guaranteein... (more)
Here at PagerDuty, we’re pretty focused on being involved in the DevOps community by providing perspectives on where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re headed as a community — and of course hearing from the community as well! And, if you follow this blog you probably saw an... (more)
Do you have what it takes to win the PagerDuty Innovation and Transformation awards? PagerDuty is excited to recognize the achievements of the most successful organizations with these awards at PagerDuty Summit 2017. Presented each year at PagerDuty Summit, these awards honor both... (more)
I recently had the privilege of spending a full day with a small group of our customers. The attendees were leaders in their development and IT operations organizations and spanned a wide variety of industries, including technology, media, finance, retail, healthcare, and more. E... (more)
The PagerDuty and HipChat extension empowers responders to collaborate to resolve issues directly from their chat window Several weeks ago, we released our updated HipChat extension. Our team is excited to have built the v2 HipChat extension from scratch to support great new func... (more)
Here at PagerDuty, we’re committed to helping our customers get the most out of the platform as possible. We’ve long shared best practices and knowledge via resources such as our Support Knowledge Base. But over in Customer Support and Success, we’ve been hearing your frequently ... (more)
“Incident lifecycle management? If we manage to stay alive from one incident to the next, it’s a good day. On a bad day, it’s all panic mode.” Unfortunately, that’s the reality of incident lifecycle management for far too many software and IT companies — but it doesn’t have to b... (more)
While a major incident is ongoing, all of your focus is on restoring service: watch the smoke, figure out where the fire is, and put it out. But after service has been restored — the incident is resolved, the adrenaline has drained, and it’s peace-time — that’s the time to learn ... (more)
Today, we’re excited to announce a suite of new functionality to power even faster resolution and accelerate learning from major business-impacting incidents with the definitive Incident Resolution Lifecycle. With this release, we help you to differentiate major incidents from ot... (more)
Incident Management for IoT Today By Twain Taylor The Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to become very popular in the lives of people, and in enterprises globally. While it began as a novelty, more innovative and mission-critical use cases have been popping up lately. With th... (more)
Your high school history teacher no doubt delivered to you some variation on George Santayana’s famous remark that, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“ I’m pretty sure Santayana wasn’t thinking about incident management when he wrote that. But his wi... (more)
The Chatbots Are Taking Over! By Christopher Tozzi Wouldn't it be great if there were tiny robots that kept track of what you were thinking, then helped you implement your plans automatically? Well, if you're an admin responsible for monitoring infrastructure, they exist. They'... (more)
We are very pleased to announce that PagerDuty and Atlassian are continuing to collaborate and improve best practice around the incident resolution lifecycle and make the world of unexpected chaos a little less frantic. In April we announced the best-in-class  PagerDuty HipChat Ex... (more)
Get face to face One of the great things about being a platform is that your users have the ability to take your product in a different direction than you might. We’ve had the ability to integrate your preferred conference call tool into the incident response process for a while ... (more)
In today’s integrated digital economy, the IT infrastructures at most corporations can no longer exist in silos. The overwhelming benefit of integration is the rapid development of new ideas and solutions. The unfortunate downside is that increased integration and connectivity al... (more)
Now that you’re well-equipped with how to fast track your career and survive the high growth startup stage, in this post I’ll share my advice on how to make time for professional development and lay the groundwork for reaching your career goals — something many of us, even the mo... (more)
A Developer's Perspective By Eric Sigler "Walking over to the Ops room - I don't feel like I ever need to do that anymore." In the run up to our latest release of capabilities for developers, I sat down with David Yang, a senior engineer here at PagerDuty who's seen our interna... (more)
Code reviews are an important part of the modern software lifecycle. Unfortunately, a lot of cycles are burned and morale is damaged because there are few guidelines given to reviewers (and reviewees) on constructive feedback and effective written communication. Below are some ti... (more)
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