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Have you ever come into a company and looked around and wanted to change everything so it’s new, modern, and follows best practices? Or have you gone to a conference and taken a ton of notes on how you could fix processes in your organization when you return? If you have, you pro... (more)
On June 28th, 2017, we marked four years of performing “Failure Fridays” at PagerDuty.  As a quick recap, Failure Fridays are a practice we conduct weekly at PagerDuty to inject faults into our production environment in a controlled way, and without customer impact. They’ve been ... (more)
A release is a set of customer visible and operational features that together provide a completely new or improved product capability. It’s something that’s meaningful from the user’s perspective, often comprised of user stories and service delivery related activities. Digging d... (more)
The threat landscape is expanding at a crazy pace. There are new vulnerabilities released every day, and the amount of servers, applications, and endpoints for ITOps to manage is continually growing. These threats are also growing more potent and frequent, as a recent spate of gl... (more)
Today’s infrastructure is not your grandparents’ IT infrastructure, nor is it the infrastructure from a generation ago. The days of punch cards, vacuum tubes, ferrite core memory, floppies, and dial-up Internet are over. Today’s infrastructure is also not the IT infrastructure tha... (more)
It sometimes feels like engineering and business teams speak different languages and work in completely incompatible ways. Agile development teams work with sprints, user stories, scrums, and relative estimation, whereas project managers gravitate more towards gantt charts, calls... (more)
Becoming a new parent has been one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever faced. That wasn’t a huge surprise; I’d been fully expecting it. But what I did find surprising was that my experiences with PagerDuty helped prepare me in ways I never anticipated. The following highli... (more)
I’m proud and appreciative of the commitment PagerDuty makes to diversity and inclusion. I appreciate how we hire women and people of color into visible leadership roles, have safe spaces and channels for employees to discuss experiences and concerns, and have frank, open discuss... (more)
I recently joined the summer internship program at PagerDuty, and I have already had one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking experiences of my life. Last week, I attended the fifth annual Girls In Tech Catalyst Conference hosted by the Girls In Tech global non-profit, her... (more)
In our always-on, IoT-enabled, cloud-connected, big data age, we face a major paradox: it’s now easier than ever to collect large amounts of data — yet the more data we collect, the harder it becomes to monitor situations effectively. This problem is similar to what psychologist... (more)
“Chaos Engineering is the discipline of experimenting on a distributed system in order to build confidence in the system’s capability to withstand turbulent conditions in production.” — Principles of Chaos Engineering Netflix, Dropbox, and Twilio are all examples of companies that ... (more)
Alerts. It’s so easy for them to pile up. One moment, you’re looking at a handful of alerts. A few hours — or maybe even minutes — later, you’re looking at a mountain. How do you manage them and keep your responders from being completely overwhelmed? These are hugely important ... (more)
I belong to a marginalized group. I won’t bore you with the details. It’s not that I think you’re indifferent, I just know that my story isn’t unique. There are millions with stories like mine. The size of our diverse family is unknown because we have all been prevented, temporar... (more)
Today is a big day for us here at PagerDuty: We’re publicly announcing the Public Beta launch of our Community. We’ve actually been working on this project for quite some time, and now it’s finally ready for everyone to join. For us, the word “community” means so much more than ... (more)
Question: What does a barbershop quartet have to do with digital transformation? In what has become a yearly ritual for the PagerDuty Product team, we attended the consistently wonderful Mind The Product conference in San Francisco this week. There were a few key and relevant th... (more)
A few weeks ago, the PagerDuty security team sat down with Guy Podjarny from The Secure Developer for a discussion on our security philosophy and a look at some of the tools we use. One of our guiding philosophies on the PagerDuty security team is that we’re here to work togeth... (more)
In two days, we’ll be sharing what we’ve been up to for the last few months in our What’s New With PagerDuty webinar. This quarter, we’ve released a ton of exciting new capabilities that empower developer and ITOps teams to deliver amazing customer experiences and protect uptime ... (more)
Credit: NASA Organizations need many incident commanders to provide a high level of service to their customers while avoiding on-call load. Many shy away from becoming an incident commander because they assume only senior technical leads can be one. However, soft skills are actu... (more)
Prevention is the best medicine The best way to build a distributed system is to avoid doing it. The reason is simple — you can bypass the fallacies of distributed computing (most of which, contrary to some optimists, still hold) and work with the fast bits of a computer. My per... (more)
About a year ago, some technical difficulties at Citi temporarily shut off a few hundred thousand cards and a swath of ATMs at the same time. The result: Citi’s newly launched Costco Anywhere cards received a “flood of complaints.” The Internet phrase for something on this scale... (more)
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